November and Thanksgiving

Kaara’s kindergarten class put on a Thanksgiving concert and the kids made Oreo Cookie Turkeys for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.

This year we celebrate Thanksgiving at our new house with a full house. Grandma and Grandpa Keener, Aunt Michelle and Jacob, Grandma and Grandpa Knock, and Aunt Kathy all joined us for roast turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, bread, green bean casserole and 4 pies.

Click here for photos.

One thought on “November and Thanksgiving

  1. Hi to all of you….. I’m proud of Noah, the project loks lie it was a hit. The turkeys Kaara made were great and I’m glad things are going well in your new home. The christmas letter was great and Pat, you found the same thing out about life that it took me much longer to learn. Where is our fullness of life? why only in the glory of the the Lord. As I go a long, I find less that appeases my hunger. less that apeals to me. when I’m down I find hope only in the Lord as I read His scripture. I found that by thanking Him for all things (even the bad) then I have a closer relationship with him… each day… and less with this world… I have to go to work now, happy days to all you guys and merry christmas.. we love ya… Uncle Glen and Aunt Lesa
    P.S. Kris, your making great things happen in your family’s life… we’re proud of you ad love ya special for all your doing – great house… (do’nt worry Pat, we love you lots to hahahahahaha) say hi to the kids…

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