Kaara’s ‘Christmas’ Program in January

Kaara’s preschool Christmas program was originally scheduled for December 19 but the “Arctic Blast” caused it to be rescheduled for January 6.

I was afraid it was going to be cancelled altogether when we woke up to 2 inches of snow on January 5 but fortunately the rain came and the program proceeded on January 6.

We came home from practice and I fortunately decided to have her try on the dress for the program, which I thought was hanging in her closet. But when I went to her closet, there was no dress. Wasn’t in her dresser drawers either. Have no idea where it is and so Kaara and I made an emergency shopping trip to find a Holiday dress. Fortunately, the new Penny’s opened last fall and they had several dresses to choose from. Kaara liked this pink one right from the start so that’s what we went with. Unfortunately, I didn’t think any of her shoes would go with it so we headed to ShoeSource and found these pretty silver ones that matched the buckle on the dress – the shoes cost more than the dress!

The kids did really well on their songs even though they hadn’t practiced in 3 weeks.

Click here for photos and a video of the program.

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