Friends Forever

Two little girls born on the same day in China, brought to the same orphanage over the course of the following week, fostered in the same building and growing up together for the first year of their lives met their forever families on the same day. One goes home to Ohio, the other to Washington. And just three years later God orchestrates that their paths should cross again. Jillian and her mom came to visit to Kaara and her family in Washington for 5 days this last week of May and it was as if the girls had always been friends. There was no shyness, no meltdowns or tantrums during their time together. (Though, both would immediately return to their typical 3-year-old ways the day after they said good-bye). It was truly an awesome reunion. They also got to visit another little girl who met her forever family when they met theirs.

A red thread surely binds these two girls and we can’t wait to see how God brings them together again and the plans he has for each of them.

Click here for more photos of the visit.

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