Fourth of July 2008

We had planned to go on a picnic to the new Dog Park and then play miniature golf at Cosmic golf but it was a bit rainy so we shelved the picnic and then found out that Cosmic golf was closed because of a fire a couple of months ago. So, we headed to the mall and went to the new Build-A-Bear Workshop that opened this week and played glow golf.

We had a red, white, and blue grilled dinner on the patio (red meat – steak tenderlon – filled with blue cheese, and grilled white corn on the cob). Also had made star shaped red, white and blue ice cubes so had those with lemon-lime soda.

We then watched the Disney classic Johnny Tremain on DVD before putting the kids to bed (amid the noise of neighborhood fireworks – they miraculously fell asleep quickly despite the noise).

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