Evergreen Air & Space Museum

We wanted the kids to have something fun to do during Spring Break so we decided to finally go to the Evergreen Air & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon to see the Spruce Goose.

The entrance fee is a little spendy but it’s worth it. The Goose is impressive.  Its wings (largest wingspan ever built) reach from one end of the museum to the other with all of the other planes fitting around it. The Space Museum is excellent as well showcasing models of the lunar lander and the Titan Rocket used to launch the Apollo missions, as well as tracing the timeline of our journey into space.

We also saw the Space Station 3D IMAX movie. I think Noah is less inclined to pursue being an astronaut at this point, having gotten a close up view of life as a modern astronaut. Not exactly Buzz Lightyear.

Click here for photos.

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