Christmas 2007

On Christmas Eve we loaded up the van and headed south to Pat’s family for Christmas. His sister Kindra and her husband and son were visiting from Colorado. This was our first opportunity to meet new cousin Danny. We encountered a little bit of snow around Canyonville but nothing to worry about.

We were staying in Grandma and Grandpa’s 5th wheel to ensure that an early morning wake up by the kids wouldn’t wake up everyone. The kids woke up about 6 and dove into their stockings. By the time that was done, we could go into the house and have birthday cake and listen to Dad read the Christmas story before unwrapping our presents.

The day after Christmas Noah took his new two-wheel scooter out for a test drive even though Mom and Dad forgot his helmet at home. His never fallen off his other one. Well, of course his first time out on this one he hits a rock and sails over it, giving him some pretty good scratches on his face. Fortunately that was all the damage that was done. Then, it started to snow. The propane ran out in the 5th wheel just before bedtime so it was a bit cold until the new bottle could be put in place and get the heat going. Of course Mom didn’t think about the refrigerator not having power for awhile and gave Noah his customary bedtime chocolate milk. The next morning when we were supposed to be going home, he started throwing up, etc. We decided to go to the urgent care to see if we could get an anti-nausea pill so we could make it home and not end up with dehyrdated and in the hospital again. After 3 hours in urgent care, we decided to just chance it and go home. He threw up once on the way home while we were stopped to get gas. We managed to get some water in him in sips on the way home and keep it in him. By the time he got home he was hungry.

On Saturday we went to Mom’s family for a second Christmas celebration, which thankfully did not result in any injuries or illnesses. Noah even ate a ham roll (ham rolled up with cream cheese).

We are very fortunate to live so close to family and to be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior with the people we love.

Click here for photos.

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