Noah’s First Research Project

I’ll have to admit I was pretty surprised when Noah came home with homework that said he had to do a research project! Second grade to do a research project? I didn’t do my first research project until the 7th grade.

His class has been studying rocks so were assigned to choose a topic related to rocks. Noah chose space rocks (of course). We taught him how to use Google and Wikipedia to look things up and helped him put together a poster board to illustrate what he was presenting.

He actually did a pretty good job in our opinion.

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November and Thanksgiving

Kaara’s kindergarten class put on a Thanksgiving concert and the kids made Oreo Cookie Turkeys for our Thanksgiving centerpiece.

This year we celebrate Thanksgiving at our new house with a full house. Grandma and Grandpa Keener, Aunt Michelle and Jacob, Grandma and Grandpa Knock, and Aunt Kathy all joined us for roast turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, bread, green bean casserole and 4 pies.

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October and Halloween

Pumpking PatchThe weekend before Halloween, the school had a Harvest Festival and so did our church. We also went to the pumpkin farm, despite some sprinkling. We did manage to beat the downpour.

For Halloween, Kaara chose an angel costume and Noah opted for Indiana Jones. Grandma and Grandpa Knock came up for a visit on Halloween and then the kids and Pat went trick or treating. This was the first time the kids had gone trick or treating. I think they enjoyed handing out candy when they got home just as much as going out themselves.

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