Catching Up

Treehouse InĀ ProgressWell, it’s a month later and I’m finally getting our camping pictures up. I will get the ones of the start of the school and Noah’s birthday up sometime after Noah’s birthday. This is a photo of the treehouse in progress. A completed one will be posted after Noah’s birthday.

I’ve been working on a new format for the site, one that allows me to use my own music and incorporate the videos into the slideshows as well as switching toĀ the blog format that will allow me to have a record of what I write.

Kaara made an attempt at potty training in August and was doing well but has lost interest in the last couple of weeks. We’ll try again once she’s more adjusted to the new routine of school. She seems to be enjoying school but it is a change.

Noah has started kindergarten and also seems to be enjoying it. (Recess is his favorite part). A couple of boys who were in his art class last year are in his class. He also started soccer and seems to be enjoying that as well. He started Royal Rangers in church in July and is doing pretty well. He should get his badge for the first quarter at the end of the month.

Pat is taking two online courses for his AA degree this quarter. One is digital photography (for his humanities elective). The photo at the top of this site is one of his assignments.

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