Catching Up Again

Well so much for my idea that I would do quick posts to update more frequently. The fall has been busy, busy with the kids starting school, Noah in Soccer, and Mom’s company getting ready to launch a new website. Photos are caught up through Noah’s birthday. Once the website launches next week, I’m hoping to get the rest of the photos caught up through October and November.

The kids are enjoying school. It took a couple of weeks for them to adjust but now they seem to really like it. Noah is able to read some of his sight words and is learning lowercase spelling as well as patterns for Math. He likes PE and recess the best. Kaara likes doing projects at school the best.

Noah had a bout of strep throat at the end of October but strep actually is cured with anti-biotics so the pink stuff did it’s work and he is healthy again.

Pat has been keeping busy with his three online college classes as well as finishing up his summer projects. He finished the treehouse in September, built a new fence for the front yard, and installed a new mailbox. We also had the large chestnut tree in the back removed so it would stop dropping chestnuts and leaves on our nice new deck. Oh and we had to get a new refrigerator on our anniversary as we discovered our old one wasn’t cooling things enough (freezer at full cold was only going down to 25 degrees).

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