Bored – B – Be Creative

Deal with your kids boredom blues by insisting they be creative for an hour. They can do one thing for the whole hour or multiple things.


Some ideas to get them started:

  • Playdough/modeling clay – make something, anything…animals, robots, food, flowers, vehicles
  • Draw – there are many good books on how to draw their favorite characters. Invest in them and keep them practicing until they can do it. Most people can’t draw because they never learned how and didn’t practice.
  • Painting – finger paints, paint by numbers, water colors. Save the packing paper from shipping boxes or go to the dollar store for paper. Plastic table cloths protect the table or floor or do it outside.
  • Tell a story – write, video tape, use stuffed animals, or put on a play. Grab a selection of children’s book cover images from Amazon to get them started and let them come up with their own story for that cover.
  • Do puzzles – jigsaw puzzles help kids learn how color and shapes work together. Add word finds, crossword puzzles, mad libs, whatever is age appropriate that gets them thinking.

More ideas on my Be Creative Pinterest Board

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